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What kind of investment does it take to increase your advertising revenue?

Many factors weigh heavily in that question, but Sales Management does not have to be one of them. We have successfully represented the ad sales and management components of many publications since launching the Advertising Sales division of KI Lipton Inc. in 1990. Some simply needed short-term spikes in sales around a particular event, some have needed manpower during launch phases, but many of our client-publishers have established a long-term relationship with KI Lipton Inc.

We only earn when we sell. It's that simple!

No overhead or benefits for you to pay. Just assign the territory, category and/or publication that needs attention and we move toward extending the relationships of current clients and generating relationships with prospects (your NEW advertisers) immediately.
Professional, Motivated, Publishing Experts. Our sales and marketing savvy encompasses much more than the average representation firm, since we as a group are involved in every aspect of the creative, sales and distribution process for many of our clients.

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Get to know us! We'll add another profitable dimension to your ongoing communication efforts.

Talk to Michael Boucher, Director of Client Publishing Services, 267-893-5686 or to find out more about Advertising Sales representation.
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